Anniversary Update

[Long Post Incoming!]

Folks – 

Let me start this post off by thanking you all for your support. 

A big thanks

Whether you are just an avid reader, or have sporadically supported, or SPECIALLY if you have been a lifetime supporter – I thank you, because all of this would not have been possible without you.

Creating a world like this requires imagination – which I am happy to provide! 

But it also requires a good hosting provider and a number of plug-ins to assist with performance and/or add features used in the presentation of the website. All of these cost money – and only with your monetary as well as non-monetary support has this been possible.


This December marks the 1 year anniversary of the website having been started. While the first content update was a few months later, this is officially when the website came into being – so this is where I intend to mark this event as well. 

1 full year of existence – and reasonably regular (?) content updates (more on that later!) – I think is a decent start. Although I will not fault you if you think it could have been better, as I feel the same.

And that leads me to my next discussion point.

Frequency of content updates

I have upheld a ‘mantra’ from the very beginning of this project – ‘No compromise on Quality’.

This has often meant that things have not gone out as often or as frequently as I had hoped. Having only completed half a season for one league (Bust Brawlers) is perhaps the damning indictment of this, as ideally I’d have liked to conclude the season by now and done the year-end tournament to crown a champion.

I cannot go back and change the past. But what this has allowed me to do is have a good think and re-design the delivery mechanism to ensure more frequent updates are made for Bust Brawlers and allow room for other (Sexfighting, Erotic Wrestling, Brawling/NHB) leagues to make their impact as well.

New Presentation Format

For all leagues, but naturally starting with Bust Brawlers, there is going to be a new format of content delivery.

You may have noted I’ve made the transition partially to it already, whereby only the Main Event gets the full write-up with the rest still being run through the simulator, but not getting the full detailed story to it.

With that – if any of you are interested in contributing towards the non-Main-Event fights as a small story excerpt or a full fledged story (with credits of course!), please reach out to me on Discord at 3K#4383 or on here.

Other updates that are going to come from Card 5 onwards are:

– One consolidated card which has all the required six matches in it, including the Main Event;

– Updating the presentation of the ‘health’ bars so that they involve considerably less work while delivering the same or better information.

Bust Brawlers Update

Main Event of Card 4 has been good to go for a while. I did an initial write-up, but sadly it seems to have been lost as part of the on-going Hosting migration.

I’m happy to write it up again – but I’m going to wait a couple of days until I get the go-ahead from the hosting provider as to the completion of the migration before publishing!

The simulator is also coming along quite nicely. I’m hoping for an Alpha release in the coming days.

Private Fights Update

Champion level supporters would be glad to hear that there is a three-match story series (Titfighting based) that is ready to be published as well (once Hosting Migration is complete!). Think of it as your Thanksgiving treat!

I will give a separate update on this as soon as those matches are uploaded and published.

Anniversary Tournament

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of KinkFighters and Bust Brawlers – we are going to have an 8 person tournament, called the Wrestling Olympics Wonderfest (WOW). 

At the end of that tournament, one fighter (and by extension – country) will be crowned the Worldwide Champion!

A Patron-only poll will be held to determine which fighters make it through to the final 8 – and those will then duke it out to determine who comes out on top – hopefully by Christmas/New Year’s.

Patreon Update

With that – some of the more eagle-eyed of you may have also noted some updates to the Patreon tiers, namely the removal of some of the upper tiers, and streamlining of the remaining ones. 

This is a work-in-progress, and I’m currently also planning another access preview for those in the intermediary buckets so as to make it feel more rewarding.

I am also considering moving the Patron voting structure to a number of votes per tier – and the higher up the tier you go, the more votes you get. Happy to hear your thoughts.


I’m also currently in the process of setting up the KinkFighters Discord.

I’m hoping this would serve as a flexible conduit for me to interact more directly with the community at large – while also having a dedicated space for Patrons where they can have their say in the various leagues.

If any of you are interested in helping set that forum up – please reach out to me on Discord at 3K#4383 and we can have an initial chat to see if that can work out. No guarantees! 😀

Sexfighting vs Wrestling League

I also feel this is a good time for KinkFighters to branch out into another league (Hooray!).

I’m partial towards Sexfighting or erotic Wrestling. Which specific one goes ahead first (i.e. I complete the simulator first for), is for the Patrons to determine.

Expect a poll for this in the next month!

Closing Thoughts

So with that – I close this long-winded update.

Fingers crossed for even better times and more fun content to come – and I thank the Patrons once again for their support, and all the readers for their visits and their enjoyment of the content.

As always – if you have any thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions – or anything along those lines, I’m happy to hear those and help answer them 🙂

Ciao – and Happy Thanksgiving (or Black Friday Bargain Hunting for those who don’t celebrate that!)

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