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The idea is very simple, as explained below:

  • A roster of fighters is decided;
  • Fighters are given stats based on their looks and real-life bio and metrics (such as height, weight, body type, etc.);
  • Match-ups are created;
  • Fights are simulated on fighting simulators that I’ve coded – specific to each style;
  • Fight Stories are written using the simulator’s output as a template.

For further details on Rules and Battle Interface for each league, see the sections below.


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A fall can only be secured via a Titfighting move. This means that a fall is only valid if scored via an offensive to the opponent’s breasts.


Fights are carried out on hands-off rules only.

This means opponent’s breasts can only be attacked by breasts only.

A fighter may use the rest of their body to get leverage for an attack.
i.e. using arms to lock in a bearhug, using legs to tackle someone to the ground.


Falls can be scored through either of the following means – whichever occurs first:

  • Submission
  • Knockout (KO)
  • Tit Bust*

*Tits flattened out; internal glands popped – this results in excruciating pain and embarrassingly saggy tits, leaving an opponent unable to continue. Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion


Fighters will typically started out clothed in an attire – unless in special circumstances where stipulations state they start out topless or nude.

Attire may be damaged and/or ripped off from various moves or blows during the course of the fight.



The Bust Brawlers league is divided into four divisions, which operate independently of each other. These are as follows:

  • Featherweight – up to an effective B cup
  • Lightweight – up to an effective D cup
  • Welterweight – up to an effective G cup
  • Heavyweight – effective H cups and above

An ‘effective cup size’ is the cup size of a fighter baselined at a 32″ bust
i.e. what would a fighter’s cup size be if their chest band (underbust) size were to be 32″.


Each division is comprised of Twelve (12) fighters.


Matches are held in a round-robin style; with every fighter facing the other at least once in a particular Season.


Every fighter has an opportunity to earn points that go towards their league standing. This ultimately determines who is sitting at the top of the table.

Points are award for the following items:

  • Win
    • Submission: 5 pts
    • KO: 6 pts
    • Tit Bust: 7 pts
  • Humiliations
    • Bra Buster: 1 pts
      (destroying the bra of an opponent)
    • Finisher: 2 pts
      (scoring a fall on an opponent with a finishing move)
    • Braless Victory: 3 pts
      (winning while a fighter is topless, and their opponent still has their bra on)
    • Trophy: 1 pts
      (collecting the opponent’s bra or bottoms as a trophy – only eligible if the winner still has her bra on, while the opponent is topless)


The top eight fighters of the league table, in terms of points, proceed to fight it out in a knock-out style tournament.

The winner is crowned the Champion (Alpha). The runners-up gets the title of Contender.

The bottom four fighters are relegated out of the league, to be replaced with fresh blood.



Every fighter has a certain number assigned to a pre-set stat which influences how well they fight, and what moves they are good at / or are vulnerable to.

Stats are scored on a scale of 1 – 5; with 5 being the highest. As the leagues progress, Champions and Contenders may also end up with a 6 in a single stat.

Stats are not set in stone. At the conclusion of every season, stats will be changed to reflect a fighter’s performance.

The following stats are used:

  • Attacks
    • Melee: Covers moves such as rams, slams, tit boxing, hooks
      Firmer tits generally do well in this stat.
    • Swing: Covers moves such as side-ways swings, downwards swings, titty uppercuts
      Bigger, saggier tits generally do well in this stat.
    • Impale: Covers moves such as nipple stabs, nipple rakes, nipple fucking
      Bigger, firmer nipples generally do well in this stat.
  • General
    • Durability: How much additional damage a fighter can take
      Based on fitness levels of a fighter.
    • Experience: How likely is a fighter to counter moves or overcome a stalemate
      Based on a fighter’s age as well as perceived looks (subjective).


Turns are primarily determined by a dice roll of an eight-sided dice (1d8) – rolled by each fighter.

Experience factors in here, as after every certain number of moves, it gives a fighter a guaranteed hit.
The higher the experience, the quicker those guaranteed attacks come.
In case of a tie, the higher experience fighter wins that.

Moves are selected between the three types of attacks (Melee, Swing, Impale).
These are probability-weighted random, with more likelihood of picking a move the higher a stat is relative to other stats of a fighter.

Damage is subsequently computed for the move.
Various factors go into this computation, such as difference in dice-roll and difference in the stats of the fighters corresponding to the Move selected.
Attire is also factored into this. If a fighter has lost their bra, they will take more damage.
Damage is also floored at 1. A fighter cannot ever do zero or negative damage.

Health stats are used to determine loss for a fighter. Three such stats are used simultaneously, as discussed below:

  • Endurance: This is baselined at 35 – with additional stamina added on top to more a fighter has Durability stat.
    When this stat reaches zero, a fighter submits.
  • Willpower: This shows what is the maximum a fighter can roll (1dn – with ‘n’ being the max roll). Every fighter starts with a max roll of 8.
    When this stat reaches zero, a fighter is knocked out.
  • Integrity: This shows the condition of the breast glands internally.
    When this stat reaches zero, a fighter is tit busted.

Interactions with these Health stats are as follows:

  • Damage: This is deducted from the Endurance of the receiving fighter.
  • Rolling a 1: If a fighter rolls a 1, and the other fighter doesn’t, a critical counter is scored on the fighter who rolled a 1.
    Critical counter – permanently reduces Max Roll by 1.
  • Max Dice Roll: If a fighter rolls a max-roll, they score a gland shot on their opponent.
    Gland shot – targets the internal glands in the breasts, reducing Integrity by 1. Induces lactation.
  • Bra Buster: If a gland shot is scored, and the resultant damage of the shot is high enough, the shock and force of the blow causes a bra buster.
    Bra buster – target loses their bra. The lack of protection leaves them vulnerable, increasing damage taken by each shot.
  • Finisher: If a max roll is scored by a fighter, and the max roll of their opponent is low enough, a finisher is scored.
    Finisher – regardless of the remaining Health elements, the target loses the fight.