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Folks – Roster for Gym Wars first edition (Rookies vs Veterans – as you may have guessed!) is up for your voting (Patrons only!). You can scroll down on the page to see the various posts.

Please keep in mind you can vote for multiple people in the same poll.

There are people across various tiers (think of it as their power ranking). The idea is that based on the final poll results, a balanced team will be created across the various tiers for each team.

What this entails is that preference will be given to the single most voted individual across tiers – and then a team created around them.


Imagine Team A is in an S/A/C configuration.
Team B has a Tier-A person most voted for.
To balance – we will most probably have Team B in an A/A/B configuration.

Fights will be in a round-robin fashion, elimination rules. Opposing team members will randomly face each other. Victors will continue to face each other, until:
1) Only one person remains; or
2) Members from only one team remain.

Poll ends Sunday 11 Jul. Do try to get your entries in before that. This should be a cracking series (fingers crossed!).

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