Profile Pages & The way forward

Hi all!  Been a busy weekend – and the profile pages for the fighters in the roster didn’t really like me that much, so took a whole while longer than anticipated (not to mention the media resizing …). I’m currently in the process of designing the ‘dash’ or the ‘UI’ of the fight page – whereby you’d see critical stats … Read More

KinkFighters – Progress Update

Hello folks – Dreamy here again! Quick update on the website and the progress. Not a whole lot of time since the last check-in to be invested here, but I’ve managed to make a few (fancy) ‘vs’ images for the first card. Currently contemplating whether to add the fight details as excerpts on the Fight Preview page – or whether … Read More


Hello folks! The website is now up and running, and I’ve also set this Patreon up as well if you enjoyed the concept, content and/or are looking for more! I am currently just cleaning a few operational things up for the website to improve security, compatibility as well as speed for you guys. This hopefully shouldn’t take too long. And … Read More